Wholesale Gown • Frequently Asked Questions





What do I need to do to open a Wholesale account?
Contact us by telephone or email to receive a temporary login and password after having provided us with your business details. On placing your first order online you will be asked to create a login and password. For security reasons please keep these safe. You may then always login with your new login & password to make purchases and access all premium information, prices special offers etc. You will only be able to access our inventory position and purchase our gowns & dresses at this time.
Why the application process? I have never seen this before.
Wholesalegown has experienced phenomenal recognition and success over the last few years and would like to continue this exciting growth through our retail partners. We strongly believe that you will benefit by carrying the Gino Cerruti line and hope that you can enjoy the experience and successes that we have. With this in mind, we only select retail partners that we believe can and will grow with us. Our application process is our way of getting to know you and your business better.
Do you offer exclusivity?
Yes we do offer exclusivity, as its very important for our independent retailers. This is calculated principally on demographic basis rather than a geographic basis as it then allows our retailers in the rural areas an equal amount of of prospective customers. This we find is a fair and equitable system. In order to enjoy this exclusivity we do ask our retailers to also honour us by stocking at least 25% of product in their shop from Gino Cerruti, over the period.
What are your payment terms?
To simplify the purchasing process, only credit/debit card payment will be accepted for Wholesale orders (Visa, MasterCard) as well as Direct Deposit or Sterling Cheques or bank drafts. Payment is required before your order is dispatched to your nominated delivery address. Invoices are ready once all styles (that you have ordered) arrive into stock.
What are the minimum orders that can be purchased?
This depends on your account status, but by default it is 6 pieces.
Can I order sizes individually?
Yes, stock is sold in individual units and sizes.
What happens once my wholesale Aplication has been approved?
You will receive a confirmation email with a user name and password; from there you can log onto our Wholesale website and place your first order, at which time you will be required setup your own new login of your email and your own new password. It is imperative that you keep these safe after you have set them up.
When do I order and how long does it take to receive my order?
Wholesale accounts may order at any time online and from our 24 hour call center. Our merchandise is pre-ordered and sold on a "first come, first served" basis for evening, prom, bridesmaid's gowns and flower girls dresses. All premium Collections and Bridal collections are freshly cut on acceptance of your order and are delivered in 8 weeks after prepayment of the sales order. After the confirmation of the final sales order and receipt of payment it takes 1-3 days to pick and pack and ship to you by your chosen method. Shipping is usually no longer than period indicated on our shipping page subject to customs clearance for orders outside of the EU.
Can I order in any other way than via the internet?
To simplify the Wholesale process, you are able to also order via fax, email and our 24 hour call centre.
Will I have to pay for shipping?
Yes, once you have had your Wholesale application approved you will be able to log into our Wholesale website portal which has an information page about our freight charges. Freight charges are calculated on destination and the number of dresses ordered. All Wholesalegown.com products are sold and shipped from Wembley, United Kingdom. The Purchaser assumes all costs and risks pertaining to the transportation of the products sold by Wholesalegown.com from its warehouse to the retailer's specified "ship to" address. At the time of ordering you are provided with an approximate freight price based on the goods being delivered via our nominated delivery company, however at the time of Invoicing we will assess the freight being charged and if a less expensive option is available we will use it.
How do I find out about your products and the line?
Once you are an approved Wholesale account we will provide you with access to our online Wholesale portal. Additionally, email updates are sent when a new collection or catalogue is loaded on the website and is ready to be ordered.
What are the Wholesale prices?
Prices are listed against each item online. Once your account is activated you will have access to this information.
What happens if Gino Cerruti Franchise opens a store near me?
Gino Cerruti is a growing company with ambitious goals for expansion. New franchise stores are opening all over the world every year and if Gino Cerruti opens a store in your market (within 5 km or miles), the Wholesale relationship may be terminated, subject to notification of our intentions to do so. If you wish to become a franchisee then please contact us urgently to discuss the arrangements and how we can help you.
Where is Wholesalegown.com opening new Wholesale accounts?
Wholesalegown.com considers Wholesale accounts primarily in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia & South America. We look for a good strategic fit with our own expansion plans.